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Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

Our ever-popular, beautiful pure white phalaenopsis orchid plants are delicate and very long-lasting, they look exquisite and make a wonderful gift for any occasion.
They are so exotic, phalaenopsis orchid plants are perfect for an indoor position near indirect or filtered natural sunlight.  Available in two size options, this is a great value, easy-to-care-for orchid plant, which will bring weeks even months, of joy compared to cut flowers. 
Celebrate any occasion in style with elegant pure white Phalaenopsis orchid plants. 
These potted plants boast stems of delicate, butterfly-shaped orchid blooms that put on a spectacular show. Boasting multiple gorgeous white flower spikes, this classic, long-lasting plant gift looks great both in the home or office.